Financial services

The Glastad Group is an active investor in the financial services sector.
static1.squarespace Exordium Exordium Capital offers financial services and individual advisory to high net worth individuals, investment companies and institutional investors in Southern part of Norway.
header Castelar An independent corporate finance boutique specialising in real estate and secondhand transactions of funds and private equity.
  Njord Real Estate

Our goal is to be the preferred local partner for commercial real estate investors – national or international.

logo Sparebanken Sør The largest regional savings bank for Southern Norway.
Skjermbilde 2015-07-17 kl. 13.38.09 Hitec Vision Investments within the oil and gas sector in Europe and North America.
 Tracs_logo_rgb_pos_300  TRACS  Trading, reporting and custodian services
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