Retail and offices

Norwegian Outlet, Stavanger

The Glastad Group is the major shareholder in the development of a second branch of Norwegian Outlet just outside of Stavanger. 8000 square meters of retail space opened in June, 2016.

Ownership: 80%

Area (m2): 7000

Project start / opening: 2013 / 2016

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Amfi Farsund, Nordkapp Brygge

Development, together with partners, of a 13 500 m2 shoppingcenter located in the middel of Farsund. Opened in May 2016.

Ownership: 100%

Area (m2): 13 000

Project start /opening: 2010 / 2016

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Gåseholmen, Farsund

Glastad, together with partners, have developed Gåseholmen and Engøy as a modern extension of Farsund’s historic town centre. The group controls a total of 3500 m² of retail- and office-space in this area.

Ownership: 50%-100%

Area (m2): 3 700

Project start: 1996

Handelssenteret Stensarmen, Tønsberg

Ownership: 67%

Area (m2): 8300

Project start: 2016

Slottsfjellskolen, Tønsberg

Ownership: 67%

Area (m2): 5200

Project start: 2016

Sold projects

Norwegian Outlet, Vestby

Bringing the retail outlet concept to Norway, the Glastad Group is the major shareholder in this exciting development just outside of Oslo. 11000 square meters of retail space opened in 2010.

Ownership: 80%

Area (m2): 17 000

Project start / opening: 2007 / 2012

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