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Mosvolds Rederi 

In 1894 Martin Mosvold travelled from Farsund to Chicago to take part in the building boom at that time. He invested successfully in real estate, and based on this he returned to Farsund in 1910 to establish himself as a shipowner. After the shipping boom and bust caused by the first world war, Mosvold became a pioneer investing in new oil tanker designs and expanded into fruit liners and ferries. He also took over and expanded a number building material factories in the southern part of Norway. When Martin Mosvold passed away in 1956 his companies had more than a thousand employees and was one of the major shipping companies in Norway. After his death, the companies were divided in four parts, and the original Farsund-based company, A/S Mosvolds Rederi, was passed on to his CFO and son-in-law and Andrew S. Glastad.


Samuelsens Rederi

The origins of our shipping activities date back almost 200 years. During the Napoleonic wars captain Jens Tobias Samuelsen made his fortune as a privateer in the Farsund area, and based on this he established himself as a shipowner in 1821. He also established a successful fish export business. The family has been engaged in shipping ever since, with all the ups and downs one can expect in this industry. Today the Glastad family continues this tradition as 6th generation shipowners.


Fleet list: Mosvolds Rederi

Mosvold Rederi has a proud history dating back to 1910. This link provides a detailed description of the company fleet.

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Fleet list: Samuelsens Rederi

This link provides a detailed description of the company fleet.

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More on the history of Mosvolds Rederi and Samuelsens Rederi can be found on the Norwegian webpage for sailors in Agder (Southern Norway).

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